Piano Gymnastics

Piano Gymnastics is an event designed to allow students to show their technical skills at the piano. Students may earn ribbons for completion of various levels of technical proficiency. Some of these skills include 5-finger patterns in all keys, primary chords, scales and arpeggios. This event promotes these important foundational skills in a positive manner, encouraging students to work toward higher levels of technical achievement. Piano Gymnastics takes place annually in the fall.

Participation in Piano Gymnastics is optional for each member’s studio.

2019 Piano Gymnastics
November 2, 2019
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 8250 Cornell Road
(corner of Cornell and Snider)
Entry Fee: $4/event
Entries due by October 4.

Piano Gymnastics Example Sheet
This is a handy chart summarizing all events and all levels, with examples of each.

Theory Tests (revised 2017)

2019 Piano Gymnastics Teacher Scheduling Form
Submit this form to Kelli one month prior to Piano Gymnastics with one payment for all students who are entering. You may email her the information and bring payment to the event, or bring both to the October 4 meeting.

2019 Piano Gymnastics Student Event Entry Form
Complete one form for each student, indicating the events and the levels in which the student will be entering. Bring these forms with you to be sorted by room on the day of the event. Be sure to include room assignment and time at the top of the page.

Piano Gymnastics Time/Directions Sheet for Parents
If you would like a form to complete to inform parents of their student’s Piano Gymnastics time and address of the venue, feel free to use this.

If it would help you organize your studio’s entries including events and levels, you can use this form.

Detailed descriptions of each Piano Gymnastics event can be found in this Piano Gymnastics Folder on the KTA Dropbox. Any other questions you may have regarding Piano Gymnastics can likely be answered by accessing general files here.

Here is an arpeggio fingering reference sheet.

PLEASE NOTE: Practice tests can be shared with students, but please do not share the actual tests that will be administered at Piano Gymnastics! The revised (2017) theory tests are available on dropbox.