Our Events

The KTA hosts three events annually: Piano Gymnastics, Master Class, and Evaluation Festival.

KTA Performance and Event Guidelines

While each event has its own set of entry and performance guidelines, here are some general guidelines for all events.

Students shall adhere to the following dress code for events:

  1. No jeans or shorts, please.
  2. No tennis shoes if at all possible. Absolutely NO flip-flops!
  3. Wear footwear appropriate for pedaling.
  4. Wear attire appropriate for a modest and professional appearance.

Memorization is encouraged, and required for most events. Use of original music is required, vs. arrangements or transcriptions. Teachers and students shall abide by copyright laws.

Latecomers to recitals and events will be expected to perform as soon as possible. As certain events are run on a tight schedule, students who miss their original time slot may be considered a ?no-show? and their time will be forfeited. Students arriving late may be asked to wait until an available slot can be accommodated.

Deadline for entries of events is final. Cancellation of an entry past the deadline forfeits any entry fees paid. The KTA holds a high standard for events and expects participating students to be prepared to the best of their abilities. Teachers reserve the right to deny a student’s participation if a student is deemed unprepared.