Who We Are

The Keyboard Teachers Association (KTA) is a group of teachers based in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati, including West Chester, Mason, and Lebanon. The objective of the Association is to promote professional fraternity among keyboard teachers, to stimulate professional growth, to support the objectives of the Association, to foster the enjoyment of music among students and teachers, and to provide performance opportunities for students of members.

The KTA meets regularly throughout the school year and hosts 3 major events: Piano Gymnastics; a Master Class; and the Evaluation Festival. Entry fees vary for each event. KTA members volunteer to coordinate each event, and all members are expected to assist in the running of each event. Membership runs from August 1 through July 31. A membership fee is due to the treasurer by October 1, at which time membership for that year is closed.

We welcome new members! If you are a piano teacher in our area and are interested in finding out more about becoming a KTA member, please send us an email.